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We are a dual system in Germany. As a dual system, we organize the waste disposal of product packaging and shipping material in private households.

The companies that bring b2c packaging filled with goods into circulation for the first time in Germany have to pay for the disposal.

> If you supply private end consumers from abroad, you have to license the product packaging and the shipping material. With the licensing you participate in the disposal costs.
> If you supply retailers in Germany, the retailer has to license the packaging material.

In addition to licensing, you have to register with the central office (Zentrale Stelle). The Central Office monitors compliance with the Packaging Act. Companies subject to licensing that have not registered with the Central Office are not allowed to offer their products for sale in Germany.
The Central Office maintains a public register so that everyone can see who has registered.
Violations of the Packaging Act can be punished with fines of up to € 200,000.

How to comply with the Packaging Act
1.license your packaging material with

2.register with the to the central office how much packaging material you have licensed.

4.whenever you license packaging material, you must report this to the central office immediately. the end of the year (first at the end of 2019) you have to submit a year-end declaration. In addition you count the entire packing material which you sent to German final consumers. Compare the quantity with the licensed quantity. If you discover that you have put more packaging material into circulation, you can correct the packaging quantity for the year one last time in our customer portal.

About This Company

On, online retailers can license their packaging materials according to the German Packaging Act.

You can reach us by e-mail at: or by phone at +49 (0) 2203 8987 700.