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► Ad Audits

Are you currently running advertisements on Amazon and not quite meeting your sales goals? We will take a deep dive through your PPC efforts. We pull a variety of data points to ensure your ad dollars are not being wasted and can directly illustrate how your ads are affecting your organic placement efforts.

► PPC Management
Looking for full-service PPC management on Amazon we can help. We fully manage ad campaigns on behalf over our clients. Whether it is Sponsored brands, Sponsored Products, PDA, or DSP we have the experience and knowledge to skyrocket your sales.

► Ad Strategy
We work hand in hand with brands to help establish their ad strategy for Amazon. Utilizing a variety of tools If you are trying to decide how much to budget, what products to allocate ad spend to, what your target ACoS should be, what search terms to target, if you should focus on brand awareness or ROI we are here to help.

► Data Analysis
Looking to see how many monthly sales your competitors have? Want to know what search terms you rank for on Amazon? What is your conversion rate on ads vs conversion rate on organic results? We can help you navigate the tricky landscape of Amazon data.

► Promotion Strategy
Amazon offers a wide array of promotions to help increase your sales on Amazon. We can help you strategize how to effectively utilize these strategies like lightning deals and seller coupons to increase your sales and search rankings.

► Product Development
Looking to see what products are selling on Amazon? We can help. Leveraging Amazon’s data and a variety of different software we can help you when it comes to deciding what product to launch next. We provide a detailed analysis of products on Amazon and what it will take to launch the product on the Amazon marketplace.

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