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Example of my work for a previous client:

This is what she had:

"Ergonomic and classy shower curtain - hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Looks great and has Metal grommets to prevent tearing. will make your bathroom beautiful and classy. Buy one today." This is what I was able to do for her:


Welcome some high-end style into your bathroom with this anti-bacterial shower curtain from (Bran Name) ! We know that any room, and especially your bathroom, is defined by its decor. Sophisticated and high-quality decor make a space modern and inviting, while poorly chosen, low quality options, can completely ruin even the nicest room. Clear-white and modern, this deluxe, hotel-grade curtain will give your bathroom space a whole new beautiful look. It features a patented and classy texture, and is made from fine polyester. It has classy, heavy-duty metal grommets that will never rust, corrode or collect mildew, and that will ensure your curtain lasts many years and doesn't tear around the holes.


• Modern clear-white

• Beautiful, high-end texture design

• Water-repellent • Resistant to mold, bacteria and mildew build-up

• Rust-proof heavy duty metal grommets that prevent tearing

• 72 inches wide by 72 inches long fits standard bath-showers

• Shower rings included • 100% Fine polyester

• Easy cleaning with damp cloth

• No toxic plastic odor

• Non PVC.

• Environmental & Health Friendly


Do you know that feeling of discovering mold growing on your shower curtain? Do you shudder as you remember that moment? We developed our curtain using the latest in anti-bacterial research to ensure you have all the modern style you deserve, while never having to face the nightmare of mold growing in your shower. Our shower curtain will never get moldy, smell or develop those impossible mildew stains that plague shower curtains around the world. It is hotel-grade, and will impress even the most discerning guests. Our curtain is %100 PVC free, ensuring that you aren't subjected to harmful fumes that can cause headaches and liver damage. Environmentally and family-friendly, it is truly the shower curtain you've been waiting for! We're confident you'll love your new shower curtain, and that it will make your bathroom more inviting, modern, and sophisticated. So what are you waiting for? Order one today and add some awesomeness to your bathroom!

- Needless to say, her sales skyrocketed, and her customers are writing happy reviews, generating even more business. I Know I can do some amazing things for you too! Please feel free to contact me and I will respond quickly to every potential client.

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