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This tool was previously only available to students of Rainmakers Academy (a $2000 Amazon Accellerator coaching program). In the past few months we've been beta testing releasing it to more Amazon sellers who want to grow their brands on Instagram.

Russell Brunson at Funnel Hacking Live 2018 (one of the top internet marketing conferences) said Instagram is the #1 Social Media Platform to invest in...

The problem? The algorithm is SO hard to beat and they limit valuable features for ecommerce sellers like the Swipe Up feature to accounts who have over 10,000 followers.If you're below 10k followers on Instagram and want to unlock that coveted swipe up feature while increasing your social proof and influence, our Instagram Virtual Assistant tool is for you. This Instagram tool is like a virtual assistant that puts the tedious soul-sucking marketing methods of Instagram on autopilot. It brings the most engaged users of your competitors straight to your account.

Our tool grows accounts on average 500 followers per month. However, depending on your niche you may see more (our current record is 2000/month). These followers are highly engaged, REAL potential customers who will love your brand. We do this through Instagram automation and marketing your account to users who follow brands that are similar to yours.As a free bonus when you sign up for our $47/month tool, we'll also include:

Personalized Instagram Audit ($500 Value)

Our team will personally take a look at your IG and send you a custom video audit, sharing our best tweaks and changes you can improve on before we drive tons of traffic to your account.

*FREE* Access to Private Mastermind Group & Future Instagram Marketing Training by Rainmakers Academy

We'll send you a link to join a private training group where we post next level Instagram tips, tricks and algorithm hacks that the top influencers we work with are using to grow their income and influence.

*BONUS* List of Influencer Marketing Websites

When you sign up for the Instagram Virtual Assistant tool, we'll help market your account to new followers in your niche. If you want to take it a step further, influencer marketing is an amazing way to get your product in front of new audiences. We'll send you a list of the best influencer marketing websites we've found for Amazon sellers.

*BONUS* Influencer Marketing Strategy & Scripts

When you contact influencers, the language you use is everything. As a free bonus, we'll give you our very own scripts we've used to arrange influencer marketing deals that have taken our Amazon brands to the next level. Feel free to copy and paste these powerful scripts and insert in your own product and message.

*BONUS* Hashtag Strategy Breakdown
Lastly, as well as analyzing your current hashtag strategy on Instagram during your audit, we'll send you our own Hashtag strategy when it comes to creating content on Instagram and getting it seen.

If you are interested in learning more, head to: https://rainmakers.academy/InstaVA and watch the video all about how this tool works and how it will grow your income and influence on Instagram.

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