Service Description

Many people are selling similar services. Why should you choose me as your Amazon Writer..

1. Extremely Experienced In Amazon Copywriting.

I have worked with thousands of Amazon Customers through other Freelance sites. Contact me if you need specific details :)

Moreover, I have attended dozens of seminars and online courses about Amazon and the perfect Amazon Listing. I will be happy to share that knowledge with you!

2. One Person For All Your Needs!

I can help you with uploading your listing, with the EBC, the back-end details, the PPC Keywords or anything else you may need.

3. Excellent Customer Service

Unlimited Revisions, friendly approach and willing to answer any questions you may have, any day -any time.

About This Company

Each package includes the following services:

- SEO Optimized Titles (2 Titles: 1 x 200 characters, 1 x 80 characters, so you can be prepared when Amazon asks you for less or more characters!)
- 5 Detailed Bullet Points (About 3-4 lines each, unless of course you prefer longer or shorter bullet points)
- Product Description (250-300 Words)
- HTML Code
- Keyword Research & Optimization (Handpick the best keywords that your customers use and also use a number of softwares to deliver a keyword list with thousands of keyword combinations)
- Search Terms (250 Characters.. till Amazon change that again!)
- Back End Details (Target Audience, Subject Matter, Intended Use, Other Attributes)

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