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Company Introduction

SellerlLocker.Com is headquartered in Manhattan, New York. Founded in 2017.

Founder - Joseph Abitbol

Director of Sales - Danny Movtady

Additional staff includes sales, tech dev, and operational

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Custom Description & FAQs

Maximize results without the workload.
Gain full transparency into your account.
Submit accurate claims with one click.
Increase profits by reducing FBA fees.
Fight for every last dollar and go after the balance of cases using our responder.
Built to manage the biggest Enterprise sellers and those just getting started.
Unique pricing structure fit for all seller types.
Approved in the Amazon Marketplace Appstore.
We specialize in recovering FBA fees. We are constantly monitoring fee fluctuations and submit claims the instant we identify a discrepancy. We’ve recovered over $20M in FBA fees and prevented almost double in losses by correcting FBA fee discrepancies.
Amazon’s responses are difficult to understand and even harder to respond to. We created a platform that reads and suggests responses to cases. With a click of a button you can push back at Amazon, fighting for every last dollar. We cover more than 70 scenarios to help you reach the full potential of your claim
Seller locker has over $4B worth of sales in our clientele. We work with dozens of top 100 sellers to develop an end to end solution with features to automate every step of the reimbursement process, plugging all the leaks in your profits.
All of our technologies are fully compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service. We are the first Amazon approved reimbursement software, and you can find us in the Amazon Seller Marketplace Appstore.

Top 7 Seller Locker Differentiators:

1. Only Seller Locker opens inbound shipment cases in the reconcile tab with proof of delivery documentation from the start of the case -- without proof of delivery, Amazon is not reimbursing anything size-able. To this end, Seller Locker provides free doc storage on a shipment ID level basis, as well as a free SMS number to easily upload BOLs and other. Inbound shipments is 50-70% of the whole reimbursement pie. If you aren't doing this in the reconcile tab with proof of delivery from the start, you are missing out on the biggest source of refunds completely

2. Only Seller Locker has the functionality to read Amazon's emails and automate responses to go back and forth with them. The significance is that opening a case once is only half the battle.. Amazon will almost always initially deny claims. We go back and forth with Amazon 3-5x per case until money is recovered. Our chrome extensions is programmed to read and interpret Amazon's 30 most common emails, and we have 100 responses that get customized based on the response/category

3. Only Seller Locker will re-open cases that received a partial reimbursement on the first go around, and again go back and forth with Amazon to get that balance reimbursed. No other company has the functionality to monitor for partial reimbursements - they close out the case on any money recovered, even if it was only 1% of the amount due. The automated chrome extension as explained previously is also programmed to request the balances of cases that weren't fully reimbursed

4. Only Seller Locker has a platform to log into at all, and Seller Locker is approved by Amazon and in the Amazon app store. Other services just take your MWS credentials and then you are completely blind to where in the claims processes your cases are, and to how successful the recoveries are going. The other services don't have the functionality to host documents, open cases with proof of delivery, adjust quantity, etc... all they give you is an invoice with money recovered, as opposed to our 100% transparent software

5. Only Seller Locker has FBA Fee monitoring as a category. Not only is this important for getting reimbursements back on past overcharges, but just as important if not more is the ability to reduce fees going forward, which can save sellers exponential amounts of funds -- and this has zero commission on it

6. Only Seller Locker is willing to put a max cap on fees, and we work that out per the size of the seller. Sellers have the benefit of knowing that once their cap is hit, their commission rate is zero, so no incentive to try to do certain cases or categories on their own to save money. Seller Locker is by far the most lenient when it comes to pricing. We can work with sellers anyway they wish when it comes to pricing. Annual caps per 12 month period is the best pricing we give out, but are also open to just unlimited commission based on recoveries at XX rate if the seller prefers

7. Seller Locker's virtual assistant service is always free, which means we take 99% of the work off the seller's plate. Seller Locker will open and follow up all the cases, and seller's can focus on uploading BOLs for shipments that don't have tracking numbers, and verifying quantities -- these are the only ongoing tasks for the seller. Getting the product dimensions in for FBA fee monitoring is a one time task

We are happy to do demos with any seller's that wish to have one performed for them before signing up. Even when a seller syncs up the first time, it is non obligatory to get started until we agree on pricing

Amazon Marketplace Experience
Certifications & Awards

This customer was one of our most stubborn, & almost revoked access. Read his recent blog post below to see how that changed:

"Just like many of you, I was familiar with Amazon reimbursements. I even had an automatic service auditing and filing cases on my behalf. This worked well for me, or so I thought. The ability to make extra money without doing any additional work was like magic - especially since I have a hard-enough time keeping up with my daily tasks.

After a few months of recovering reimbursements, I was approached by the guys at Seller Locker asking me to test their Amazon reimbursement software for FBA sellers, which they claimed “was a revolutionary software”. I didn’t feel like there was a point in switching from a services at first. However, they said that they monitor FBA Fee cases and can increase my profit margins, and also can provide a third party Virtual Assistant to admin the account as well, so I reluctantly decided to give it a try, since no other services monitor FBA fees at all.

The next day I logged into my Seller Locker portal and I was taken aback by how much money was estimated in awaiting action. I saw that there was much funds left on the table from previous reimbursement services just opening my case one time and hoping for the best...which is an extremely poor strategy that is going to leave most of your reimbursement funds on the table

Fast forward 10 months later and I've recovered $77,062 using Seller Locker. The team enlightened me on how little I really knew about reimbursements and prepped me to become more successful with future cases.

These are some of the clarifiying points we discussed on that original phone call:

~Amazon denies more than half of claims initially no matter what, making Seller Lockers's automated response feature a priceless tool in fighting Amazon to finish getting funds back~

We, as sellers, are the best candidates to be provide documents regarding inbound shipment claims and verify the accuracy of quantities, not an automatic program. By verifying the data, you will win more cases and bigger cases! Without providing either tracking numbers or BOLs to Amazon, it is impossible to win inbound shipment claims. Seller Locker even pulls small partner carrier tracking numbers from Seller Locker automatically, so I only need to upload the BOLs in the case of LTL shipments.
Your FBA Pick&Pack fees are constantly fluctuating; without proper monitoring, one can lose tens of thousands of dollars. Reimbursement requests are great but reducing your fees going forwards are even greater! This is money that stays with me the whole time instead of fighting Amazon back for mistaken overcharges.
Amazon doesn’t calculate the fee based on the dimensions you entered when creating an ASIN. They measure one’s product at the fulfillment center and randomly re-measure and updates one’s fee as one continues to sell.
The ability to use Seller Locker as a daily workflow solution with free doc storage to organize corresponding documents by Shipment ID... BOLs, invoices, packing slips, etc... is a huge time saver and major aspect of winning inbound shipment claims, which can be half of the reimbursement pie in itself.
Seller Locker shows you when you only got a partial reimbursement so you can go after the balance, which is huge since Amazon only provides a partial reimbursement often on the first go around.
The fact that Seller Locker has a platform at all and is approved by Amazon makes me feel comfortable since I can have eyes on what's going on. Any other service purposely keeps you in the dark with no platform so you don't know how much they aren't winning back for you, you only see the small portions they do get back, which is essentially only what they can scrap together from lost and damaged cases.

With these new insights, it was clear to see that investing my time into Seller Locker could be worth while. I decided to give it a 30-day trial and set aside 15 minutes a week to scan through the cases and submit ACCURATE claims. Even with this limited amount of time, I quickly recovered more in three weeks than I did with the other services in a few months. The best part? I was opening the same types of cases and seeing better results. Opening cases became addicting and eventually part of my weekly routine.

After using the tool for a year, a few tips that I would tell other sellers are the following:

Set up a weekly time to open up at least 10 accurate claims.
Start saving your signed BOLs. A signed BOL goes a long way with Amazon.
Don’t spray and pray. Accurate claims yield better results.
Don’t get caught up on Amazon denying your claim. All you can do is try, and fight with them when you know you are right to the furthest extent possible
Immediately upload your dimensions on your top sellers. If not, you could be throwing money away with every order.

Amazon’s policies are constantly changing and their business is evolving. With a software like Seller Locker, you can feel secure that every one of your dollars are accounted for."

Client Requirements

Amazon FBA Seller for reimbursements

Seller Locker now offers Lifestyle Photography services as well

Pricing & Budget

Commission Only with Maximum Caps on our Fees Available. Caps are based on each seller's individual revenue and reimbursement potential. Please contact and mention Sermondo

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