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Our team members at Revstep become dedicated partners and growth strategists for your brand. We commit to the success of your account and treat it as it was our very own. We often go above and beyond what we promise to provide and have wide networking capabilities that have helped a lot of our clients in the past.

If you're looking for a company to completely take over your Amazon day-to-day tasks, we are that company. We sign in every day to fix listing issues and keep your account health in the green. We have over 30+ years of combined Amazon knowledge and understand those small nuances of Amazon that may take new brands twice the amount of time to complete tasks.

We keep your company hands-off so that you can handle other aspects of your business.

We care.

Company Introduction

Revstep started in2017 with our founders successfully sourcing, branding, and listing their own products to sell on the Amazon platform. Our authentic experience and knowledge translated into a premier one-stop-shop for all things Amazon and expanded to several other e-commerce selling platforms. We work with top brands and manufacturers to maximize their sales presence and growth.

Revstep started working with companies in the US and quickly learned that Amazon sales growth outside the US was something that many of our clients were missing out on. After spending months in Europe and other countries, Revstep can help you sell on any Amazon marketplace.

We have over 15 professionally trained and knowledgeable Amazon account managers who stay up-to-date with all new Amazon tools.

Custom Description & FAQs

Our experienced account managers at RevStep manage all day-to-day Seller Central operations. We conduct daily check-ups on account health, inventory planning, and everything else.

Next-level sales strategies involve creating engaging enhanced brand content and storefront pages. We know what works and how to creatively work around the many different modules that are available.

RevStep monitors ad campaigns by adjusting significant variables to gather data and improve efficiency. Marketing campaigns are refined daily to increase margins and maximize ACOS.

Certifications & Awards

We took a start-up Brand in the US from 0-350,000 in monthly sales over a 9 month period. We took this Brand and are now selling in 8 different countries!

We have had Brands that have left for whatever reason to try and manage on their own or to test with other management companies and have come back to us stating, "they just aren't you guys" - We take pride in the work we do for clients and create very cool relationships with each and every one of them. You can check out our video testimonials of this on our site!

We are SPN (Service Provider Network) certified through Amazon. Amazon goes through a very close-up audit with our company and has approved our work to be exceptional.

We have all up-to-date Amazon PPC certifications.

Client Requirements

We deal directly with Brand owners only. We can not accommodate resellers/distributors.

Pricing & Budget

Our company offers a wide range of pricing depending on the Brand's business model and negotiated individually.

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