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Imagine that software could save you a ton of time and money while increasing return on your Amazon ad spending. With the help of our data-driven algorithms and PPC automation software, it's more than possible.

Profit Whales PPC Optimization Software is a complete tool to automate your advertising campaigns on Amazon in just one click. No jokes!

Profit Whales connects to your Seller account and will automate the optimization of your existing campaigns as well as create new campaigns and keywords (also ASIN'S and categories) pulling data from your search-term reports and other sources.

Profit Whales software will automatically work on:

-Product Targetings Optimization

Optimizes category and ASIN's targeting and adjusts bids based on your ACoS goal

-Negative Keywords Adding

Automatically adds to the negative keywords list those keys that are not performing saleswise or generating too many clicks without transactions.

-Keywords Optimization

Keyword and bid adjusting based on product profitability and other 16 metrics

-Negative PAT (Product Advertising Attribute) Creation

Similar to negative keywords but focusing on low performing target ASINs.

-Mining New Product Targetings

The algorithm searches on your reports to find profit opportunities on new target ASINs.

-Adding New Keywords

Automatically adds new keywords based on their potential performance.

-Pausing Duplicate Keywords

The algorithm will analyze your current PPC campaigns for the selected product and pause the duplicate keywords or product targets (ASINS, categories).

And many many more.

Start with the 14-day free trial today:

Company Introduction

The company was founded in late 2018. However, we started operating like Advertising Agency in early 2017.

Initially, our goal was to automate our business processes, reduce the time and money spent on PPC and account management as a whole. We didn't find a service or agency that would meet our requirements. Therefore, we decided to create it ourselves.

We spent thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars during experimenting with Amazon's algorithms until we have found the perfect strategies and tactics for doing business on this great platform.
By this moment, we created the unique Amazon Automation Software that fully automates Amazon Advertising management for Third-party Sellers and Brands in One Click. And no PPC knowledge required! That gives you an edge over your competition. And we are looking to release the tool that will create professionally built campaigns from scratch in just a few minutes. We call it Zero to hero.

Since Amazon is changing, we are adapting. We don't want to wait for someone to create something for us. We build it ourselves. Moreover, when Amazon changes algorithms, we optimize our software ourselves, while others hope that the changes will not affect them.

Custom Description & FAQ

Why using our software?

1. Manage ad spend on a scale with low time efforts.
2. We add high performing keywords and remove underperforming keywords to optimize ad spend and to capture new market opportunities.
3. We provide you with custom reports.
4. Provide you with the recommendations on how to improve your Amazon offers for higher conversions
5. Profitability based bidding algorithms made with the help of Data Science and Econometrics
Implement new strategies and campaign types to stay on top of the market.

Amazon Marketplace Experience
Certifications & Awards

We helped a lot of sellers from the top 500 Amazon Brands list.

Client Requirements

We work with US sellers of any size.
Looking to expand to Europe and India in the nearest future.

Pricing & Budget

Our pricing starts from $69 per month and it's mainly bused on the amount of ad spend.
We grow with the growth of your business!

Locations by Country

9900 NW 39th Ct, Coral Springs, FL 33065, США

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Specially for Sermondo users we are providing the coupone code for 30% off for 3 month. You can use it in our cabinet by applieng this code: 30OFF3MONTHS

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