Service Description

Why should I choose Profit Whales?

We are not just another PPC focused advertising company, we are driven by our unique approach
1. We manage a set of campaigns that includes all Amazon advertising areas. Each campaign is aimed at achieving a certain result while using all the possibilities of advertising tools in this structure.
2. We analyze data and predict market fluctuations. Such an approach allows our clients to be one step ahead of the competition.
3. With the help of our unique algorithms, we quickly optimize a large amount of data to make intelligent decisions in advertising.

How do we work with new clients?

1. We start with a detailed audit of the entire account and show where the client is losing money, and where the undisclosed opportunities lie.
2. We do a test drive for several products to show the result.
3. We setup the entire ad account.
4. We conduct analytics of each product in order to understand which products have the greatest potential for development.
5. We complete daily campaign management to achieve your goals and KPIs.
6. We offer weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting for the products we manage.

How to become your client?

You can get a free audit of your business on our website -

About This Company

Profit Whales is a business accelerator that offers advertising services for brands that trade on the Amazon site. They cooperate with a client to achieve set goals and take full responsibility for promoting one’s activities on Amazon.

- Profit Whales has own advertising technologies and software that company constantly develop, from improving the creation of advertising campaigns to their optimization and analytics.
- They work with all types of advertising on Amazon (SP, SB, SD) and each type of advertising has its own unique structure that allows us to isolate and control each keyword on Amazon, displaying ads for maximum return on every dollar spent.
- They build a strategy for each product separately to achieve maximum results.
- They analyze data and markets to know all aspects of business on Amazon.
- They constantly monitor changes in the niche in order to act proactively and seize any market opportunity.
- They have created dozens of best sellers in diferrent niches.

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