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Hi there! I am Owais Amin and I am Amazon FBA VIrtual Assistant. I have been working as a Virtual Assistant for last 3 years.
I have skills and expertise in the following things.
1. Product Hunting. I have high skills required for product hunting and I have experience of hunting product in USA, UK and Germany market
2. Product Sourcing. I have experience of dealing with Chinese suppliers at Alibaba platform and how to get competitive price with high quality product from a gold supplier
3. Product Ranking. I am Manychat expert. I can set up bot messenger for you to boost your sales velocity, rank your product and bring reviews.
4. PPC Management. I have training in the latest technique of using PPC and utilizing it to churn profit out of it.

I have good command on English and I can communicate with Amazon or other persons for you.

Past Experience. I have worked as a team head of Amazon FBA Virtual Assistants for 1.5 yeas.

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