Service Description

Jay Street Partners is a NYC based digital marketing agency that specializes in providing brands with the strategic direction and management to maximize sales and marketing opportunities with Amazon and other ecommerce marketplaces. We provide account management and optimization services, content development, digital marketing campaign creation and management.

We create long-term business optimization strategies for next-generation consumer brands, helping with channel and growth strategy, digital marketing, and customer retention.

Amazon Seller Central; Amazon PPC Strategy / Optimization; Amazon 3P Marketplace; Amazon Business; Amazon Marketing Services; AMS; AMG; Amazon SEO; Amazon Consultant; Amazon Content Optimization; Amazon Business Intelligence; Amazon Growth Strategist; Amazon Influencer; Social Selling

About This Company

Jay Street Partners is your growth partner for the world’s largest marketplace, Amazon. We support, enable, and partner with brands to help them understand and scale their business on Amazon in the US and global markets. We fuse technology with strategy and creativity for sales growth and increased brand awareness on the Amazon platform.

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