Service Description

E-Commerce photos are meant to produce results.

Show off your product and its features? Yea of course. But more importantly - to create desire.

The goal: For the dude to hit that big, yellow, juicy BUY NOW button.

About This Company

White Background Product Images

Standard white background images.
The pics are not standard, just the white background.
The pics are stellar, hero images that Make. You. $$$.

Lifestyle Images

Showing your product in use helps the customer visualize size, shape and intended usage.
We recommend real shots in an actual setting (as opposed to Photoshopping stock images).
We do photoshop as well of course, and for many shots
(like an outdoor winter scene in the middle of July) this may be right approach.

EBC Content Imagery

Arguably the most important part of an Amazon listing after the main hero image.
We have a team of excellent artists that create incredible work. They will drive home the features and usages of your products with precision.
We do not do infographic work at this time. Although we work with many talented agencies that do, so a referral is just an email away.

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