Service Description


Most Amazon freelancers and agencies know Amazon, we do too, but it's our business model that sets us apart and forces us to provide high-level services, every time.

Most agencies charge flat fees, a percentage of sales, or a combination of both. These may be the right fit for some, but for most companies, they introduce big problems. With flat fees, their incentive is to spend as little time as possible on your business and to use the cheapest workers they can find. You may be surprised to find that your agency is spending a lot less time on your account than you think.

With a percentage of sales, the agency is taking on a lot of risks, so you'll have to give up a huge chunk of your upside, and since the agency won't get paid much until later on (if they're still in business), they likely won't have the immediate cash flow to pay top quality workers.

At Five Star Commerce, you pay for exactly what you get, we have to spend time and attention on your account, since we charge hourly, and we're only giving you what you actually need.

Account Managers/Project Managers $90-$150/hour
Jr. Project Managers $60-$75/hour
PPC Specialists $60-$75/hour
Graphic Designers $75-$90/hour
Content Writers $60-$75/hour
Staff $60-$75/hour