Service Description

ecosistant helps Amazon Sellers fulfill EPR obligations across Europe:
digital consulting service / premium compliance service / WEEE authorized representative service

Q: Do I have obligations from packaging / waste laws when I only sell via Amazon FBA?

A: Yes. While Amazon licenses their Amazon-branded transport packaging with recycling schemes, you remain responsible for your product packaging.

Q: Do I have obligations from packaging laws in every country?

A: It depends. Some countries have minimum thresholds for small or medium-sized online retailers, so it could be you're not obligated to license your packaging in every country.

Q: How do I know my obligations in each country and how to fulfill them?

A: That is exactly what our digital compliance service is there for. Since regulations are very different in each country, our service will save you a lot of trouble and time. You'll get clear instructions on what to do and how to license your packaging with recycling schemes. If you still find it too complicated after using our digital service, you can outsource all tasks completely with our Premium Service.

Q: I sell electronics on Amazon, can ecosistant be my WEEE Authorized Representative?

A: In Germany, yes. Simply contact us and use your Sermondo discount. In other countries, we share contacts of AR's in our digital service or register our Premium customers directly with the AR's in each country.

About This Company

We help sellers with EPR for packaging, WEEE, batteries, textiles & furniture products.

Do you sell products on Amazon and marketplaces?

If you sell products to consumers online, you are obligated for the recycling of your packaging waste. (keywords: "EPR", "extended product responsibility", "packaging law")

Do you sell to multiple countries?

If you ship to consumers cross-border, obligations from packaging laws in other countries will apply to your business as well! (keyword: "EU packaging waste directive")
Amazon actively checks France and Germany. More countries will follow.

Looking for an easy solution?

ecosistant has digitized the compliance service for packaging laws & EPR across Europe. Get detailed instructions on how to fulfill EPR tailored to your specific business in up to 30 countries; all European Amazon marketplaces included.

Manage your Europe-wide compliance in no time!

With the ecosistant dashboard, you will have all information in one place, get reminded of open to-dos and important deadlines. With our subscription based service, you will stay compliant in the future, even when laws change or your business grows.