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Do You Want A Listing That...

Uses persuasive copywriting & HTML, brings your product and brand to life and causes your customer to rave for your product?
Fully Keyword Optimised to catapult your listing to page 1?
Realizes your customer holding your product in their hands?

The BEST listings...

Sell a brand story of the powerful benefits your new customers with NEED, creating a personal connection and influencing definite buying decisions.

On top of all this you get:

100% Keyword Rich Title: the Easily visible and searchable title that STANDS OUT!
5 Charismatic Key Features: Excite your TOP features & benefits of your brand, right on the front page!
Full HTML Descriptions: Long blocks of type are hard and ugly to read. Your descriptions will read with style, look EXCITING and make your buyers rush to "Add to cart".

I will write an attractive SEO rich based Title, Description Bullet Point, Search Terms that grabs buyers attention and Boost ranking of your product and also optimize your listing also as per your need.

Thorough Keyword Research + Appealing Content + Extensive Competitor Analysis = Better Conversion Rate And Increased Visibility.

I will provide you with:
- A powerful, reader-friendly and keyword infused, concise and sharp yet vivid title
- Five bullet points consisting of all the crucial and necessary product information and key points
- Comprehensive and appealing item description comprising the information of your product, brand story, features, benefits, items included in the box, directions for use and all the other secondary information.
- Keyword research file generated with the use of five popular tools.
- Platinum search term

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