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In 2009 I created Dotcom Reps LLC – A Full Service Manufacturers Representative & Consulting Firm. Specializing in Consumer Product (CPG) Brand Management on Vendor Central and Seller Central. Based on the East Coast, locations in Florida and Pennsylvania.

I have worked with dozens of manufacturers across almost every major GL at Representing thousands of independent SKU’s. Creator of MULTIPLE PLATINUM LEVEL Vendors. I work with large and small companies, mostly privately held $5-75m in annual sales. The poster child for my firm was acquired by ring in 2017 and in 2018 ring was acquired by for $1 billion +

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Worldwide management of all things Amazon including:

- Brand Registry,
- Amazon Advertising - Search and Display,
- ASIN Creation,
- ASIN Management,
- Keywords,
- ASIN Deprecation and replacement,
- ASIN Suppression,
- Cost Changes,
- Lost Buy Box Troubleshooting,
- Buy Box behavior,
- Supply Chain,
- Promotions,
- A9 SEO,
- Algorithm Insight and Behavior,
- A+ Content,
- Content Management,
- Photography,
- Intellectual Infringements,
- Review and Feedback Management,
- Hybrid Sales Strategy,
- Holiday Preparation,
- Operational Performance,
- Shortage Claims Reimbursement
- & More.

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