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Entrepreneurs face some of the toughest financial challenges. You have income from different sources – Knives on Amazon, Udemy courses, ebooks, dolls on Etsy. And you invest in opportunities in the hopes they might pan out. You have money coming in, money going out, and your books are messier than the mountain of ideas in your head.

With online business, everything constantly changes and the problem is, it’s hard to keep your money straight. Chances are, you’re not an accountant. To make matters worse, most accountants aren’t trained to support online businesses. So they get frustrated, overwhelmed. They quit early and leave you hanging, wondering where things stand, praying you don’t get audited.

At CareCPA we know the unique challenges of entrepreneurship because we are entrepreneurs just like you.

Custom Description & FAQs

► Outsourced CFO
Bookkeeping, forecasting, financial guidance. A Swiss Army Knife of money services for people who don’t have time to crunch numbers, balance books, or run reports. With Outsourced CFO it’s all done for you so you can breathe easy and relax. Add a CFO to your team today without losing equity at all.

► Prepare for Tax Time
It’s coming and you better be ready, because the IRS is evil tapping their fingers, ready to pounce. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you this year (or ever). When you work with us, we’ll help you avoid common business tax mistakes, fortify your finances, create unique tax strategies and keep the IRS at bay. Plan and prepare for tax season before it sneaks up on you.

► Accounting
Just need bookkeeping? Most accountants can do that, but when you work with CareCPA you get the reassurance of licensed CPAs who specialize in the fast-paced, rapid pivot world of digital business and startups. Put your success in the hands of someone who understands exactly what you’re going through.

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