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Import goods into Canada without stress
and improve your overall cross-border trade
experience with Main Street Management.

About This Company

Business Registration
We set you up with all the licenses you need. We register you as an NRI, And set you up for GST/HST/PST Accounts, get you a BN, and help you apply for relevant business licenses to make sure you are able to do business all throughout Canada.

Seller Central Setup
We don’t just provide you with the required accounts and numbers to start selling in Canada. We also help you incorporate them into your E-commerce platform to be sure that there are no mistakes with your setup.

Due Date Deadlines
Meeting deadlines can be a real challenge. We handle your filing periods, prepare your returns, and file them by their filing deadlines at required intervals in the relevant jurisdictions. You never have to keep track of any tax filing due date.

Taxable Expenses
We keep track of your taxable expenses, sales tax already paid by import and whatever Canadian expense you had with GST, which they can all be reimbursed. Just send in your payments as soon as you get them, relax and we take care of the rest. It’s that easy

Filing Validation
We review all the tax information and reports you provide before we go ahead and file your sales tax. We pay attention to each and every detail to make sure that your filing is completely accurate, legitimate, and satisfies all the filing requirements of the authorities.

Payment Guidance
When payments are due to the various government agencies, we advise and guide you by providing you with the relevant account information. And we are on top of your GST and PST accounts to be sure that the payments were routed to the accurate accounts.

After each filing, we give you a detailed report with your sales and all taxes
paid to the Canadian government
agencies to hold for record keeping purposes in case you need them in the future. You can also get them from us at any given time if you happen to misplace it or lose it, We keep all your records and financial documents securely.

Government Correspondence
We act as a liaison between our clients and the Canadian government
authorities, Our experienced team of highly skilled, professional individuals handles all questions, letters, or inquiries the Canadian authorities may have
or send throughout the year about filing submissions, payments made or other related activities.

Year-Round Support
To inspire trust and confidence, we keep you informed of every step we take until we have obtained all the accounts, numbers, and IDs you need to start selling on the Canadian E-commerce market, Whenever you have any questions, problems or concerns, we are here for you all year round to address every issue and answer all your questions.

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