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We're here to give you an
unfair advantage on Amazon!
We run ads, optimize listings, solve Seller Central problems, and much more.

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AsteroidX is laser-focused on 1 thing: using Amazon ads to help make you more money. Millions in ad spend under management annually. End-to-end solution using proprietary software and human ad management. Customers include Disney & Inc. 500 members.

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Sponsored Product Ads
Ads that show up in Amazon search results. Great for sales and ranking.

Competitor ASIN Targeting
Sell to shoppers who are looking at your competitors' listings.

Defensive Targeting
Block competitors from stealing your hard-earned customers.

Sponsored Brand Video
Our studio creates product videos for you and we run them as Amazon ads.

Target buyers based on previous viewing and shopping behavior.

Headline Ads
Banners at the top of Amazon pages that command clicks and sales.

Storefront Ads
We drive buyers to your storefront to increase average order size.

Conquest Campaigns
Go after competitor brand names and take their market share.

Amazon Marketplace Experience
Certifications & Awards

Our tactics are so good that Amazon wrote a case study on them.

Imagine your business benefitting from the same Amazon Ads plan as Everlast, Disney, and more.

We're a 3rd party company that's fully certified by Amazon.

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  • larry schessel
    February 19, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    Background: My company has been on Amazon approximately 3 years. During that period, I have managed my own PPC Advertising Campaigns and have averaged a revenue growth rate of 100%+ year/year. But PPC management is continually getting more complicated so I signed on with AsteroidX hoping that returns should at least equal or beat my own with their experience and methodology.

    Results: The first month revenue with AsteroidX grew only 10% over the same month the previous year and the second month began at a loss of 20% from the same month a year earlier. More concerning was advertising spend dropped and ACOS was high. I cancelled the service after 6 weeks, concerned with the poor quality of service I received and the negative revenue. After cancelling, I received Email from a company executive asking if we’d be willing to “give us one more month with another, more experienced ad manager?”. I sure wish I had a “more experienced ad manager” from the start! Luckily, after cancelling AsteroidX, I overhauled the Advertising Campaigns and returned to double digit growth.

    • I was really hoping this service would work but results were very poor and didn’t justify their charge.
    • The quality of my advertising manager was poor – for example, a bid was placed at $25 rather than $.25 costing me wasted money and sales, many bids and budgets were raised/lowered opposite of what I expected causing higher ACOS and lower sales, Campaigns were created with products that didn’t have the Buy Box so the Campaigns sat idle, and advertising spend was 25% of goal so sales from advertising couldn’t even cover their service fee.
    • I ended up spending more time checking each change my advertising manager made, constantly correcting careless errors.
    • In general, I did not feel the advertising manager was committed to my company success. Instead, he was following a company playbook with poor results.

    Summary: I absolutely hate giving bad reviews but based on my results, I could not recommend this service to another company.

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