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Hi, I am Antoaneta - the founder of Archer Tax Solutions.

We help ecommerce sellers with all things sales tax. Last year's SD v. Wayfair ruling brought about a seismic shift to the US sales tax landscape. States now have new tools at their disposal for compelling sales tax collection.

As a result, many ecommerce businesses are finding themselves grappling with sales tax for the first time in a large number of states, and are caught off guard by the complexity of the sales tax rules and their inconsistency from one state to the next.

Are you worried whether you're in compliance with the sales tax laws of the various states? Have you received a sales tax inquiry from a state and are unsure how to respond?

Simply reach out to us and we will help.

Custom Description & FAQs

Below are some of the services we provide:

Nexus studies
Taxability determinations
Sales tax registrations
Voluntary disclosure agreement program applications

Shopping cart and platform tax settings setup
Filing of sales tax returns and remittances
Use tax compliance
Resale and exemption certificates documentation management
Sales and use tax audit assistance

Amazon Marketplace Experience
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