About This Company

What does an amzologist do?

Amazon SEO and keyword research? No problem!

Understanding the Amazon algorithm is crucial for an Amazon expert. From keyword research using the most accurate tools, to assuring indexation, an amzologist will continuously collect solid keywords for your product to create relevant content and enhance customer experience.

Amazon store and product listing optimization? Yes, yes, she does!

Amzologist has the knowledge to develop engaging content and landing pages, build and optimize content for all devices, and implement effective strategies to optimize the ranking factors and overcome the competition.

Amazon paid advertising? Oh yeah!

Amzologist uses advanced analytics and strategy and applies optimization techniques for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Product Display campaigns.

Amzologist is specialized in data analysis and bidding strategies for winning top ad placements and increasing conversion rate and ROI.

Amazon consulting services? Of course, she’s an amzologist!

Amzologist knows Amazon SEO, the differences between first-party and third-party sellers, benefits of Amazon Brand Registry, how to create Enhanced Brand Content and product descriptions to boost sales, and how to use creatives to improve conversions.

Amzologist understands Amazon Vine, knows how to identify your target market, understands FBA, repricing strategies, and how to help your brand stand out.

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