Service Description

- Sponsored Ads and DSP. We start with human planning and
analysis of campaign structure to allow us to build seamlessly
integrated Search and DSP campaigns. Our campaigns are powered
by Amerge Engine; proprietary tech which automates Sponsored
Ads and DSP Optimizations. This allows for various features
including single keyword, single campaign set up per product
(ASIN), budget redistribution, campaign creation and pausing, best
seller rank integration, and dayparting. Amerge Engine for DSP
(BETA) allows a single line item per ASIN for deep and granular
campaign structures.

- Amerge View; proprietary advertising dashboard that integrates
retail/marketplace, search, DSP and Amazon Marketing Cloud data that is refreshed daily and can outline all possible metrics, including total sales which can be broken down
per product (ASIN) per day, weekly or monthly, allowing a real-time
view of both your advertising and retail sales performance.

- Design & asset Creation (brand stores, A+ content, Amazon spec
ad banners). We can build you a unique brand store, A+ content,
Amazon spec ad banners, or engaging video content to tell your
brand’s story on Amazon.

- Vendor/Seller Management. Amazon retail readiness (day-to-day
operational support) and strategic consulting – we have in-house vendor managers with
over 14 years of ex-Amazon vendor team knowledge on Amazon.

About This Company

We are an award winning, full-service global Amazon agency with over 100+ years of combined Amazon experience.

We help brands achieve sustainable growth on Amazon by boosting visibility and total sales, reducing operational costs, driving incremental customers, and helping brands expand into new markets.

We run the full suite of Amazon Ads products for our clients, from Sponsored to DSP display/video to unique solutions like Twitch, Fire TV or UEFA Champions League commercials. All empowered by our proprietary technology Amerge Engine for campaign management and Amerge View for reporting and analytics.

In addition, we offer day-to-day operational support for all tasks in vendor and seller central like catalogue management or handling chargebacks. We also offer design services to tell a brand’s story on Amazon: Banners and video creation for ad campaigns, brand stores and A+ content.

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