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1️⃣ What are Amazon Advertising PPC Management Services Offer 1️⃣

✔️ Proactive Ad Management - Hands-on proactive strategic management of all Amazon Sponsored Ad campaign types

🛠️ Multi-tool Approach - We use a blend of 3rd party software, internal custom tools, bulk operations files and management direct in the Advertising Console to get the job done right

📈 Pay for Results (Not Spend) - Our unique rate structure is based entirely on a progressive percentage of advertising revenue so your results align with our fee

💬 Clear Communication - Monthly wrap-up calls with bi-weekly reporting to keep us on the same page and aligned on KPIs

🌎 Diversified Marketplaces - We are polyglots who are also Amazon Advertising experts - we work in all North American and European marketplaces and speak 10 languages

2️⃣ What are Amazon DSP Advertising Service Offers 2️⃣

🎯 Shopper retargeting on and off Amazon
🔎 Discover more shoppers with ‘Audience Overlap’ using your existing customer data.
👪 Advertise based on shopper demographic (age range, income bracket, location, and more!)
🚩 Serve dynamic ads like unique discount codes, customer reviews, and product images without having to create new ad creatives.

3️⃣ What are Amazon Storefront Build + Maintain Services Offer 3️⃣

🎨 Expert Ecom Designers
⏩ Fast Turnaround
🧠 Storefront Best Practices
🤑 Simply Affordable
📊 Store Insights
💯% On Brand

4️⃣ What are Amazon Advertising Audit Offers 4️⃣

❓ Account summary questionnaire
1️⃣2️⃣-point analysis during the auditing process (just to name a few):
☎️ Consultation call and follow-up with our team
🧰 Prestozon Setup and Configuration

Company Introduction

In December 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ alone, we earned our clients 💲8,275,000+ in Amazon ad revenue! Could your company use results like these?

We are an Amazon PPC agency that tears through keyword data to find lucrative ranking opportunities we know you can capture, create custom action plans your competitor’s can’t match, with coverage they can only envy. We're data driven, ACoS obsessed and it’s hugely effective.

Check out our Team Page for more info about our in-house PPC experts:

Custom Description & FAQs

As you grow your business 🚀, how do you effectively scale Amazon advertising without sacrificing performance?

You don’t need another part time job and the time required to invest in effective advertising can be massive. 🏋️

As your brand grows on Amazon, your time is split between logistics, customer care, advertising, and more.

Time and time again ⌛ we see brands lose their focus on advertising and this lack of attention to detail ends up costing them THOUSANDS in wasted ad spend and missed opportunities.

That’s why we are dedicated to helping your Amazon advertising gain traction and scale with strategies tailored to your account goals.

We have experience in dozens of categories with over 100s of clients and years of experience generating 💲MILLIONS for them.

🤝 Work with AMZ Pathfinder and our many services 🤝

1️⃣ Amazon PPC Advertising Management Service
2️⃣ Amazon DSP Advertising Service
3️⃣ Amazon Store Front Build & Maintain Services
4️⃣ A-to-Z Amazon Advertising Audit + Consultation Call

Certifications & Awards


🌟 "Amazon was putting a lot of time and effort into their advertising platform and Brent saw that very early so that was a win for both of us... basically in the last 2 years we doubled both the ad spend and the revenue. So probably quadrupled since 5 years ago." - Kevin Tunney | KeySmart

🌟 "To me, the main thing for an agency is the communication part and I think that you guys have communicated everything really, really well. Frequent follow ups: emails and calls every month and to me, that’s very valuable." - Ash | Home Decor Category

🌟 "The team at AMZ Pathfinder are some of the few people I would trust to handle such a crucial part of my $6MM+ Amazon account. With their help, our ACoS dropped by at least 20% and helped our brand profitably grow to a place they are today." - Steve C | N. America and EU Markets, Amazon Seller

Check out case studies of our work (that we're aloud to talk about):

Client Requirements

If your monthly revenue exceeds 💲100,000 USD (or local equivalent) in any one marketplace, we’d love to work together to increase that number. If you…

1️⃣ Bring in at least $100,000 (or local currency equivalent) or more per month in at least one Amazon marketplace.
2️⃣ Have a strong cohesive brand with quality products and outstanding product listing pages on Amazon
Know your product lineup’s USP
3️⃣ Are either currently on a growth trajectory or possess a clear path forward to one
4️⃣ Understand the effects that advertising can and cannot have on the Amazon channel
5️⃣ Seek to operate collaboratively with multiple members of our team on an ongoing basis

Pricing & Budget

Our pricing structure is very simple: The more revenue your brand earns 📈, the lower the rate becomes 📉.

This is our ‘progressive bracket system’ which means you won’t be billed hourly or by SKU counts. Instead, our pricing is performance based, aligning our incentive with yours. (ALSO: We never take any earnings made from branded keywords/ads)

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