Jelena Nuhanović Behind The Scenes: Amazonia PPC Review & Private Insights

Guest on our latest episode of Sermondo Talks is Jelena Nuhanović, founder of Amazonia PPC.

She let’s us peek behind the scenes of her Amazon agency and answers Kristina’s questions about her private life.

Jelena tells us why she decided to be her own boss, how branding works and gives tips in how you can overcome the challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

Amazonia PPC is a full service marketing agency based in Serbia. They offer every service related to PPC, copywriting, branding, listing optimization and help drive external traffic traffic to your product listing. Whether you want to launch a product or want to increase sales for an existing product, Amazonia PPC got you covered.

Interview Timestamps

  • 0:54 – In one sentence, what is Amazonia PPC?
  • 1:06 – What services do you offer?
  • 1:47 – In which languages are your services available in?
  • 2:18 – For how long have you been around for?
  • 2:44 – Why did you decide to work in the Amazon industry?
  • 3:21 – Why should I choose your agency over other agencies?
  • 4:45 – Are you working with clients from all over the world?
  • 5:24 – Could you name three things that clients say about your work?
  • 9:02 – How do you deal with clients that aren’t happy?
  • 10:37 – How do you stay up to date?
  • 14:19 – Why did you decide to become self-employed?
  • 16:44 – Are there also things that you don’t like about your job? And do you like taking responsibility?
  • 18:14 – If you could have one skill or character trait that you don’t have right now but would like to have, which one would that be?
  • 20:03 – If you could have a superpower, which one would it be?
  • 20:46 – How do you manage being a mother and entrepreneur at the same time?
  • 21:43 – What would you say was your biggest challenge being self-employed?
  • 23:39 – Deciding between 9-5 and a full time Amazon business
  • 24:51 – Was there a time where you wanted to quit and go back to a normal job?
  • 25:50 – Who or what inspires you?
  • 27:31 – If you could hire any famous person in the world to work for you or with you, who [would that be any why?
  • 28:06 – If you had the chance to walk into Jeff Bezos office and ask him for a favour, what would that be?
  • 29:19 – If you had the attention of every Amazon seller in the world, which three tips would you give them?
  • 32:40 – In your opinion, what makes a strong brand?
  • 34:50 – Do you have a favorite brand, a brand that is really a best case?
  • 37:39 – Is it easier to brand products people are emotionally attached to?

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