I Can’t Access My Amazon Seller Account – What Can Be Done?

Amazon sellers have long not been able to call Amazon for help with their accounts, but, due to recent changes in their appeal procedures, now it is also impossible to email the Seller Performance Team. All communications now have to go through Seller Central.

This has left it almost impossible for sellers whose accounts have been hacked or who have been denied access because of other security issues, such as a change of bank account or address.

It seems unconscionable that a company like Amazon, who depends on third-party sellers for over 50% of their revenues, does not care enough about its sellers to give them an adequate method to communicate with seller support outside of Seller Central, but this is, unfortunately, the case.

Merchant Not Authorized

So, what can an Amazon seller do if they have no access to their account at all, or get an error message saying, “Not Authorized – You do not have access to the merchant XXX. Please pick a different merchant or marketplace.”

This issue usually arises after making a change of vital information on your account, such as bank account information. It can also arise when you are having trouble verifying an account or have issues with related accounts.

One common problem several of our related account clients have been faced with is, to solve their issue, they must reactivate all related accounts, but may no longer have access to some of them.

If you find yourself faced with these issues, there are several things you can try. One of them is using a new IP address. Amazon records your IP address whenever you interface with Seller Central.

Try resetting and rebooting your Internet router and, if that fails, access your account through a completely different Internet Service Provider or VPN.

One-time Password Never Received

Amazon’s two-step verification system is essential to the preservation of the security of your account.

But what happens when the system is asking for your one-time password and you never get it?

We have even had situations where the seller account is managed by several different people, but the person with the mobile phone for two-step verification dies and none of the other owners can access the account.

This is another situation where sellers now find it impossible to communicate with Amazon. They try contacting Amazon customer service and spend hours on the phone to no avail. Their emails are met with the response of “this is an improper channel.”

Indeed, this is frustrating, but there are alternative ways to communicate with Amazon. They are just not well-known, and none of them are easy.

Amazon Account Hacked

We have had other cases that are even more complicated. Hackers will hack into Amazon seller accounts, change the bank account information, and divert sales proceeds to themselves.

Instead of helping sellers with this problem, Amazon will often suspend the account, leaving the seller not only without access to the account, but with a suspension issue that could cause permanent deactivation.

Hire an Expert

Dealing with Amazon can be very frustrating and time-consuming. Within Seller Performance, you are always dealing with a different person, who will only spend (at best) a few minutes on your matter. It helps to have someone with experience who can frame the issue in the correct way and through the correct channel if you hit a complete dead end and cannot access Seller Support.

A common question from a lot of clients looking for resolution to being ignored by Amazon or not geing able to get through to them is: “How do you contact management on Amazon?”

The answer is very simple – depending on the market, you either email [email protected] or [email protected] Both emails are manned by Amazon employees who sort out the issues and give them to the proper managers.

However, the trick is getting their attention. Many such emails are answered months later, a delay which can mean the kiss of death to an Amazon seller.

We have had some success in contacting Amazon’s legal department in these types of cases; although this can often be time-consuming as well. The average response time for Amazon’s legal department in Europe is about one to two months, while the U.S. legal department takes many months or may not respond at all.

No Quick Fix

The bottom line is there is no quick or easy remedy for a seller placed in this situation. It takes time, effort, follow-up, and, most of all, patience (which is difficult because time is money). Just remember that persistence eliminates resistance.

Amazon Sellers Attorney is an Amazon seller appeal service supervised by attorneys. If you are experiencing issues with not having access to your deactivated account, you can reach us right away for a free consultation.

Amazon Sellers Attorney

Amazon Sellers Attorney

Amazon Sellers Attorney is an Amazon seller appeal service based in Los Angeles providing sellers with reinstatement services.

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