Top-10 Amazon FBA Tasks You Should Outsource to Virtual Assistants

When you sell products through Amazon FBA, you know how many daily, weekly, and ongoing tasks there are to complete just to maintain status quo.

If you choose to take them all on yourself, it’s next to impossible to scale your business past your own capacity.

Plus, you’ll be working all day every and have limitations on your ability to take a vacation.

The most successful Amazon FBA businesses outsource tasks to freelancers and Ecommerce virtual assistants who can take on the day-to-day management in their specialized areas.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 Amazon FBA tasks you can outsource to Amazon freelancers. We also recommend you to read our guide about finding the best Amazon Virtual Assistant to help you grow your business

1. Product Sourcing

Finding products, manufacturers, and suppliers is extremely time intensive — you know this.

Many Amazon FBA sellers free up their time by hiring a freelancer to research and communicate about product sourcing.

You can document your desired product attributes and pass the research off to a skilled freelancer.


2. Amazon Setup

There are a lot of nuances within the Amazon Seller Central dashboard.

Transferring setup and account management to a freelancer experienced with the platform can save you time and hassle.

3. Supplier Relationships

Whether you work with one supplier or 10, managing your relationship with them is a time investment.

You have to coordinate shipment, manage quality control, discuss defects, and more.

A freelance supplier relations expert can manage negotiations, keep and eye on the market, and only bring you the big picture decisions and issues.

4. Product Listing Optimization

Putting together a strong product listing—one that ranks for keywords and entices customers to purchase—requires time and knowledge.

There are images, product features, descriptions, and dozens more data points to optimize. Not to mention managing variables.

This is a perfect task to entrust a listing optimization freelancer with.

5. SEO

Ranking products in Amazon search listings is a specialized skill—part copywriting, part selling, part keyword research.

SEO efforts are also most successful when there’s ongoing analysis and optimization.

You’re busy and it may slip your mind to check in as frequently as you should, but a freelancer can be tasked with keeping an eye on and continually improving listing SEO.

6. Product Images

A compelling set of product images is key for converting sales.

Customers want to see the product specs as well as the product in action.

A freelancer can take product shots and edit them to highlight the key features and benefits.

7. Order Management

While managing Amazon FBA orders is a fairly streamlined process, having a freelancer in place to make sure it stays that way is yet another reassurance in your business.

8. Customer Service

Questions, returns, exchanges — you don’t want to spend your time dealing with customer requests as they come in.

A freelancer, or several freelancers, can be your customer service support to make sure customers stay happy and get issues resolved in a timely manner.

9. Inventory Management

Amazon FBA requires consistent inventory management to make sure products are in stock and get to the Amazon warehouses in a timely fashion.

10. Amazon PPC

Pay-per-click marketing on Amazon requires consistent monitoring and optimization.

An experienced Amazon advertising freelancer can help get your product get in front of more potential customers.


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