Nathan Hirsch Behind the Scenes: FreeeUp Review & Private Insights

In the 14th episode of Sermondo Talks, Nathan Hirsch took some time to answer Kristina’s questions about FreeeUp, what he doesn’t like about his job and what advice he would give to his younger self.

FreeeUp is a freelancer marketplace that connects pre-vetted Amazon, eCommerce, and marketing freelancers with growing Amazon, eCommerce, and online companies.

Interview Timestamps

  • 0:31 – In one sentence, what is FreeeUp?

  • 0:38 – How long have you been around for?

  • 0:47 – Do you offer services to e-commerce businesses in general or only Amazon sellers?

  • 2:06 – What are the most popular categories on FreeeUp?

  • 3:25 – Do you have your own experience with Amazon FBA?

  • 4:22 – What makes you different from other platforms like Fiverr or

  • 5:42 – What happens if a user is not happy with the service?

  • 6:50 – What do users say about your platform?

  • 7:21 – Why did you decide to become self-employed?

  • 8:45 – Are there things that you don’t like about your job?

  • 9:30 – Do you follow a certain life-balance schedule?

  • 10:51 – If you had $10,000 to give to charity, who would you give it to?

  • 11:42 – Which kind of superpower would you like to have?

  • 12:33 – If you had the ability to travel back in time, what advice would you give to yourself?

  • 13:33 – Did you ever have a time where you wanted to quit?

  • 15:45 – What do you like to spend your money on?

  • 17:05 – If you could hire any famous person in the world to work for you, who would that be and why?

  • 17:52 – Are there any free resources you recommend to Amazon sellers?

  • 18:45 – Can you name three tips that you’d give to any Amazon seller out there?

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