Emma Schermer Tamir Behind the Scenes – Marketing by Emma Review & Private Insights

In this episode of Sermondo Talks, Emma Schermer Tamir, co-founder of “Marketing by Emma”, talks about the biggest challenges of Amazon marketing, her passion for her work and how her everyday life looks like.

Marketing by Emma is a marketing agency specialized in copywriting for e-commerce businesses. Their Amazon services include creating Amazon listings, EBC descriptions and infographic texts as well as performing front-end keyword research.

Interview Timestamps

  • 0:21 – Introduction

  • 0:40 – In one sentence, how would you describe Marketing By Emma?

  • 0:56 – Since when have you been around?

  • 1:16 – Do you have any experience with selling on Amazon yourself?

  • 2:00 – What is currently the greatest challenge in Amazon marketing?

  • 2:36 – What kind of Amazon services do you provide?

  • 3:52 – How do you stay up to date with all changes happening in Amazon marketing?

  • 4:52 – What makes your agency different?

  • 6:23 – Do you have clients from all over the world?

  • 7:02 – What do you think your clients say about your work?

  • 9:08 – What happens if I’m not happy with your work?

  • 10:26 – What do you expect from your clients?

  • 11:44 What do you like least about your job?

  • 12:42 – During your time being self-employed, what was your biggest challenge so far?

  • 13:18 – What do you like most about your job?

  • 14:03 – What were your personal reasons to become self-employed?

  • 15:15 – If you could hire any famous person in the world to work for you, who would that be and why?

  • 16:31 – Can you name three tips that you would give to any Amazon seller out there?

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