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About Quality Check Services For Amazon FBA Sellers

✓ The only way to succeed in selling through Amazon FBA is to offer your customers a high quality product. Quality inspection companies inspect your goods on the spot before they are shipped to you warehouse.

✓ Quality Inspection companies make sure that the materials, sizes and packaging used in the production of your goods are those that you ordered from the manufacturer.

✓ With every production batch there is an unavoidable defect rate. Quality Inspection firms inspect each production batch to ensure that only functional and high quality goods are sent to Amazon and thus, to your customers.

✓ If production errors are discovered directly on site, it is cheaper and faster to have them repaired directly. If you don’t use quality inspection companies and you don’t notice a defect until the product is already in your warehouse, it is expensive and time-consuming to send the products back for repair.

✓ Amazon has specific requirements regarding product packaging, shipping packaging and labelling. A quality inspector can check on site whether all of these are compliant with the guidelines and thus save you possible fines and trouble with Amazon.

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