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"Do I need to take a VA for a full time job?"
- You can take a VA with a schedule that will best fit your needs. If you are just starting on amazon, you could take a VA for as little as 2H a day (for PPC and Social Media VA's) or 3H a day (for Amazon VA's).

"What happens if I am not happy from my VA?"
- We will make this work! Our guarantee means you will get a new VA that will better match your standards. No extra payment off course

"Will you keep my VA up to date with all the changes on Amazon?"

Yes! We continue to support or VA's throughout the year with on going training and updates about Amazon. Rest assured your VA will be on top of everything that is going on on Amazon

"I have no idea how to work with a VA. Never had one before. How can I make sure I am using my VA's potential to it's Max?"
- This is why we are here for! Our job is to make sure you get all the support, tips and info you will need in order to have a smooth start with your VA.

Company Introduction

VAA was established in 2017 by Gilad and Hila Freimann, who operate a successful private label Amazon business of their own. As their business grew, they quickly discovered they needed extra help in their daily Amazon operations. After a long and frustrating search for a VA in the Philippines, they were left with one overriding thought:
“There must be a better way for Amazon sellers to find skilled, reliable VAs.”
So, Virtual Assistant Academy (VAA) was born.
Today, VAA has a staff of 7 Amazon managers and an army of 80 VA's all dedicated to helping Amazon sellers.

Custom Description & FAQs

At VAA, we specialize in locating, screening, training and supporting high quality Amazon VAs in the Philippines, matching them with Amazon sellers all over the world.

We invest significant resources in our VAs, including a thorough screening and selection process, intensive month-long Amazon training for accepted candidates, ongoing professional development, and a warm, supportive community. For Amazon sellers, hiring with VAA means partnering with a highly skilled and motivated Amazon VA who is committed to a long-term working relationship. You can rely on your VA as a dedicated employee who will deliver consistently high-quality work on an efficient, ongoing basis. And that means peace of mind for you.
We have 4 types of VA's:
- Amazon experts VA's
- PPC specialists VA's
- Social Media VA's
- Graphic Designers VA's

Certifications & Awards

Leta Deley
"I manufacture 2 lines of products and sell them on,, my websites and other platforms. I was really overworked trying to keep up with the customer service all by myself. A friend who also sells on Amazon told me about VA Academy and how wonderful his VA was from this agency. I contacted Gilad and told him what I was looking for. He found the PERFECT person for me based on my needs and the needs of my company. Alisha isn’t just my VA, she is a member of my team. She does much more than customer service now and I depend on her to run a lot of different parts of our business. I feel so confident in her ability I can actually sleep at night knowing my customers and my businesses are being taken care of. Gilad has been great to deal with, anytime I have had a question he is there right away. Another really awesome thing about using VA Academy is that the VA’s get ongoing training in many different areas besides Amazon, which is so helpful! I have recommended VA Academy to many of my ecommerce friends and they are also very happy."

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