Service Description

Amazon Suspensions we can help with:

Drop Shipping Policy Violation

Inauthentic item

Counterfeit item

Product safety complaints

Listing do not match detail page

Used item sold as new

Not as advertised

Expired item

Selling prohibited Items

Right Owner notice of infringement

Order defect rate >1%

Late shipment rate >4%

Pre-fulfilment cancel rate >2.5%

Confirm orders prior to actual shipment of the item

Company Introduction

We have 18 years experience of working with Sellers and Amazon.

We are a group of people who believe in service and fairness. You may think this is cliché but that’s how we would like to be treated as customers.

We provide appeal letters and plan of action and we go to great lengths to give you almost 24/7 support by a human consultant. We are all for humankind.

​Needless to say we provide first class Appeal Letters and plan of actions.

Custom Description & FAQs

Our core sector of expertise is dealing with Amazon Seller Suspended Accounts and reinstating them in the shortest possible time. We utilise the experience of ex-Amazon staff who used to work in the Amazon Seller Performance Team and review Seller appeals, they know how to write your Amazon appeal letter and plan of action to get you back selling on Amazon, in as little as 24 hours, although our average time to get reinstated is 3 days.

Certifications & Awards

We have helped over 6,500 Amazon Sellers reinstate their Amazon Suspended Accounts and ASINs since 2014.

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