Service Description

TaxValet eliminates the hassle, stress, and risk of sales tax by handling everything for you, and saving you up to $650/mo compared to a typical accountant or CPA.

We primarily work with multi-channel e-commerce businesses that are doing over $1M/yr in sales. Our all-inclusive package includes everything you need to get (and stay) sales tax compliant.

Services we offer include:

Sales tax filing and payments

Nexus Analysis

Permit Registration

Mail Processing

...and more!

Company Introduction

TaxValet was founded in 2018 after our founder, Alex, was frustrated that he couldn't find a reliable, reasonably priced, sales tax firm that specialized in the e-commerce industry.

Alex previously helped run Taxify (a sales tax software firm) and realized that when users were purchasing sales tax software, what they NEEDED was a "construction crew" but what they were buying was a "hammer" to do the work themselves.

TaxValet is the "construction crew" that works to get your business compliant with sales tax laws, and help you STAY compliant on an ongoing basis.

Our purpose at TaxValet is to transform negative emotions and experiences into something positive for our clients, partners, and employees. We just so happen to do that through our work in sales tax. We are a core-value based organization. Our core-values are: FEEL IT, SHAPE IT, OWN IT, and CRUSH IT!

TaxValet curently employees 8 sales tax professionals. We are a remote firm based in the United States.

Custom Description & FAQ

What makes TaxValet unique? Three things:

- Everything done for you
- Simple set-up and pricing
- Risk free: Don't pay us for the first 30 days to evaluate if we best fit your needs.

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Certifications & Awards

"Amazing team who put up with an unorganized person such as myself. I can now sleep at night knowing that my taxes are up to date and being handled by an amazing team!" -Lisa Blaurock

"Just great things to say about TaxValet. Professional, super knowledgeable and very punctual. Sales tax is not my forte, they helped me set up everything seamlessly and for over a year have provided me with excellent service. Response time to my emailed questions is very fast. Recommended for all that need this complete service." -Kyan Allahdadi

"I operate an international business based in the United Kingdom and didn't know where to start with sales tax in the United States. TaxValet helped me clean-up my situation and make sure I am set-up correctly moving forward. The team is highly proactive and fast to respond to any questions I have." - Monica Milcarz

Client Requirements

We work with businesses that sell physical or digital products and are making $1M+/yr in sales.

Pricing & Budget

Taxvalet's all-inclusive Done-for-You is priced at $50/state/mo, starting at $399/mo.

We also offer a consultation package for a one-time fee of $600 which includes a nexus and liability review, 3 hours of consultations, and 90 days of email support.

Locations by Country

101 W 9th St. Durango, CO 81301

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