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We deliver full-service solutions to sellers who want to sell on the marketplace but don’t have sufficient resources or expertise.

**Amazon Services**

Amazon PPC
Account Audit
Customer service
EBC A Plus Content
Storefront Designing
Account Reinstatement
Account Health Management
Brand Registry and Protection
Product Listing Creation, Optimization, and Ranking

**eBay Services**

Customer service
Account Reinstatement
Advertising Management
Listing Creation and Optimization
Orders Return & Case Management

**Walmart Services**

Account Audit
Customer service
Account Reinstatement
Account Setup Services
Advertisement Management
Listing Creation and Optimization

**Etsy Services**

Customer Service
Account Management
Images Enhancement
Single And Bulk Listings
Handling Return & Refunds
Tags And Keyword Research

**Shopify Store Development Service**

Company Introduction

SPCTEK has spent more than 15 years supporting E-commerce stores to grow, increase traffic, maximize revenue, build profits, and serve customers worldwide as one of the well-reached eCommerce consulting organizations, our experienced online sales advisors and marketplace consultants are ready to assist you in reducing costs and lower the risk.

Custom Description & FAQs

SPCTEK, as a virtual help desk, delivers its consultation in the area of e-commerce services that embrace a wide variety of e-commerce business activities around the globe. To serve manufacturers and retailers in setting up easily manageable online stores and help expand their reach and scale in marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and Esty.

Certifications & Awards

Amazon Ads Verified Partner
Amazon Service Partner
Amazon DSP Console

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