Service Description

New Seller's Experience
Are you new to selling on Amazon and need help understanding the basics? Let us guide you along the way from start to finish. We can show you how to research a product with good potential and get inventory. You can use this experience to learn from and launch your next product. We'll help you grasp the importance of keyword research, product images, social media launches, customer service, and advertising. .

Optimization and Branding
Includes a fully optimized product title, bullet points, and product description. We also suggest backend search terms, and help with brand presentation. Conference calls and consultations are also arranged with our resident branding experts. We help design your content to generate more clicks and improve ranking, too.

Listing Optimization
Includes optimization of your product description, title, and bullet points. Backend search terms are also provided. Content design for more sales is included in the package as well.

Title Curation
Includes a well-optimized and curated product title for better search engine rankings. Content design is also provided.

Product Photography
Improve your conversion rates with professional product photography. High quality photos naturally attract more customers. Amazon requires plain background product images. You just have to send us your products, and we will take care of the rest.

Front End Product Listing
This includes everything you have to do once you get a new product. Our copywriting service includes product listings with titles, description, and bullet points.

Back End Keyword Research
Keywords are important for SEO placement and ranking. This service includes keyword creation and research based on competitors. Listing development and optimization is also included.

FBA Shipments
We help manage and monitor inventory and FBA shipments.

Brand Registry
We work with you to start and complete the Brand Registry process allowing you to optimize your listings even further with Enhanced Brand Content.

Enhanced Brand Content
Once your Brand Registered we will optimize your listings with Enhanced Brand Content. This include lifestyle images and other media to boost perceived value and conversions.

Company Introduction

Sellers Launch is a small team made team that can do BIG things.

About the Sellers Launch Team:

Joshua Ford
Founder • CEO
Business Growth Strategist
Amazon Growth Consultant
Josh has been launching and growing digital marketing and Ecommerce businesses for over 13 years. He launched his first Amazon account in 2011 and has been helping partners and clients launch and grow Amazon businesses ever since.

His other partners and clients include some of the fastest growing multi-billion dollar investment firms, Fortune 100 corporations, and dozens of other top selling Ecommerce brands. He's helped his partners and clients grow and scale through effective digital marketing, advertising, copywriting, and product development strategies.

Eric Spaulding
Amazon Growth Consultant
Product Specialist
Eric is an experienced marketer & brand developer with a demonstrated history of working in the Amazon and Ecommerce industry.

He has experience with all aspects of launching, managing, and growing an Amazon business. He's attended, and presented at, several conferences and seminars on Amazon and Ecommerce... including a product sourcing conference held in China.

He's passionate about all things "products". He loves talking about products and working to find, improve, and sell more of them.

Pramod Munnelli
Amazon Account Specialist
Pramod has over 8 years experience in Ecommerce... including 5 years working full-time as an Amazon Seller Support Specialist at an Amazon Development Center.

He specializes in Amazon PPC along with handling all the technical aspects related to managing an Amazon account.

In addition to Amazon... he has experience with platforms such as eBay, Shopify, Rakuten, Sears, Walmart, Gearbubble, Newegg and more.

He's also currently enrolled in Film School with a passion and goal to create his own films.

Custom Description & FAQ

There are plenty of courses out there and videos you can learn from that teach you "secrets" of selling on Amazon. However we have found that most people learn the most from actually SELLING on Amazon and learning along the way.

We allow you to "drive the vehicle" while we sit "co-pilot" and help you navigate along the way!

Amazon Marketplace Experience
Pricing & Budget

We try to meet sellers where they are and negotiate pricing accordingly. Let us know what your needs are and we will be happy to provide you with options!

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