Service Description

We're a sales-focused ecommerce consultancy agency that offers both strategic consulting (including high-level financial modeling) and operational capabilities. This extends to both e-commerce portals (like webshops) and marketplaces, including

Company Introduction

We're a Stockholm-based company. Our co-founders came primarily from technology: one worked at, another at Facebook, and still another at a large multimedia agency. We built the ecommerce success of several prominent Swedish companies -- particularly in the fashion sector -- and look forward to being your preferred Swedish market partner.

Custom Description & FAQ

We have deep experience both working within pull channel platforms (like Amazon or Facebook) as well as working with companies internally to sell products on those same platforms. We have worked exclusively with Swedish companies, mainly in European marketplaces, and seek to leverage that in order to ensure European success for international clients.

Client Requirements

We prefer to work with companies that have a brand-dimension to their overall strategy. We typically prefer that you have registered IP assets through an intellectual property office, or an established brand through a website. We also prefer that you are the sole purveyor of your branded manufactured goods (we do not work with retailers).

Pricing & Budget

We negotiate prices individually. Our pricing structure runs the gamut from flat retainer fees to commission.

Locations by Country

Karlav├Ągen, Stockholm, Sweden

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