Service Description

At the core of it, our software and product team is best in class. We’re venture-backed, having raised over $10 million, and have ambitious growth plans to scale this team.

The impact of this is that our software is able to drive the best performance in-market at an extremely competitive price. And, due to our relationship with Amazon, we’re launching features and functionality faster than any other company in the market.

Company Introduction

We released an early beta of Perpetua in 2018 and since then have grown to serve thousands of customers. We have offices in San Francisco, Toronto, United Kingdom, Japan and China. We are obsessed with building advertising tools that unlock predictable, sustainable growth for anyone who sells online. We leverage AI to enhance human creativity - not replace it.

Custom Description & FAQs

Perpetua provides growth optimization and reporting technology for the world’s smartest eCommerce businesses. Integrations with Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and Google Ads ensure brands achieve full-funnel engagement and maximum visibility.

Certifications & Awards

Using Perpetua's Advanced Targeting capabilities, Crocs saw an increase in sales of more than 100% across two flatlined product lines.

Using Perpetua's DSP service, Ready, Set, Food! saw an 83% increase in product detail page views, 4-5x more efficient ROAS than Sponsored Ads and more than 40% increase in total sales.

Client Requirements

We give superpowers to anyone that sells online. Perpetua can empower Sellers, Brands & Agencies to take their time back from manual campaign management and put it towards focusing on strategy.

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