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From a start up selling one brand and doing FBM we converted into the official and the top experts of Amazon. We belong to the Amazon Service Provider Network and serve many different categories of brands. Our international high educated and experienced employees are capable of helping any type of brand and manufacturer to Skyrock their sales and increment their business to the new lever!

Company Introduction

microapps is an e-commerce intelligence firm helping businesses understand and grow in the e-commerce business via expertise signaled by data.
Our clients include marketplaces, financial technology, software, and retail services companies. We work with companies behind-the-scenes of e-commerce, most often by providing data APIs and advanced operational tools like catalogs, PO's, invoicing, & logistics management.
We either sell on behalf of retail companies or create and sell our proprietary MNDB's (marketplace native digital brands). When working with existing brands or retail distributors, we use our own bidding system making sure our PO's get the best supplier in real-time.

Custom Description & FAQs

We provide two types of services to the brand owners or/and manufacturers:

1. Consulting and FBA or Vendor Central account management
- Guidelines on how to open an account
-Set-up of the account
-Consultancy of Costs of Amazon, Invoicing, Overall Business Strategy, Blocking products/listings, EDI setup
- Listing of your products
- Additional product information submission for each SKU
- Product Pricing
- Vendor Central order or FBA shipment
- Management of your FBA inventory (FBA only)
- Customer feedback (FBA only)
- Advertising
- Pan-European FBA Inventory (FBA only)

2. Work as wholesaler and official distributor of our clients products selling them on Amazon
-open new marketplace
-increase volume in sales
-more traction for the brand and products
-more reocuring customers
-respected pricing
-complete management of the account

Certifications & Awards

Offical experts of Amazon
Participant in Amazon Service Provider Network
Customers doubling sales in 1 year

Client Requirements

European validated barcodes
Prepared goods for selling
Well established catalog
Longevity of activity selling the goods retail or online for at least a year.

Pricing & Budget

Our pricing in terms of consultancy varies depending on the quantity of work which needs to be done. It normally includes a fixed monthly rate plus a percentage from sales. We normally ask for permanency.
When we talk about the distribution of the manufacturers or/and brands holders products and selling them on Amazon it is completely the case of negotiating the conditions such as cost of products, payments dates, percentage discounts etc.

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