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No matter how many invoices!

✓ Online Portal and Online Scanning-Options
✓ Automatic creation of tax on sales/purchases data for advance returns (we are working with a network of tax consultants in all relevant countries)
✓ Annual account support
✓ Review of PayPal-Data & import account turnovers
✓ Applying and registering VAT-ID through tax consultant network(UK, PL, ESP, IT, CZE, FR)
✓ Business management analysis and consultancy
✓ Communication with tax offices
✓ Certified translation of documents
✓ Scanning of receipts

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*We provide our services according to § 6 no. 3 and no. 4 StberG. Our services relate to performing mechanical operations in keeping books and records that are significant to taxation; this does not include the accounting of receipts and the issuing of booking instructions. Our activities include the booking of current business transactions, the ongoing payroll and the preparation of payroll tax returns.

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