Service Description

How do you approach the complex task of selling abroad? Compliance with foreign tax and legal obligations, storing and fulfilling inventory to a high standard? Shipping and clearing your stock into different parts of Europe? Setting up your seller account to handle different currencies and languages?

GEE gives you one account manager and point of contact to handle and optimise all these aspects of your growth to leave you focussed on the core aspects of your business

Global E-Commerce Experts expands e-commerce businesses into the UK and EU. A one-stop full service provider handling all aspects of setup, compliance, shipping and ongoing 3PL fulfillment including FBA prep, PRIME B2C, returns and removals. We have physical 3PL locations in both UK and Netherlands. We are specialists in PAN EU VAT reg and compliance, label checks, responsible person services. GEE is your Amazon Referred international expansion specialist. Reach 600+ million additional online buyers now