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5 reasons why you should engage us:

TECHNOLOGY: We use self-developed Business Intelligence tools and let the numbers speak for themselves.

SALES GROWTH: We were able to increase our clients’ business on Amazon by an average of 88%.

TEAM: Our team has almost 40 years of accumulated Amazon experience: as Amazon employees, merchants and consultants.

TIME: Book a free, non-binding 30-minute call with one of our Amazon experts to discuss how we can help you!

ASK US: We will help you. If you have any further questions afterwards, you can contact us anytime from Mo-Fr 09:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.

Company Introduction

FARU's mission is to make the life of all Amazon suppliers easier and more successful. To achieve this mission, we work with exceptional talent, bright minds, and driven people. We evolve continuously and engage optimistic and motivated employees, whose goal it is to accomplish meaningful results for all our clients. By combining our team’s passion and deep Amazon knowledge with self-developed IT tools, we deliver personalized, data-based solutions. Contact us if you want to succeed on Amazon.

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Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean that is surrounded by lighthouses, which were built to protect the island, but also to guide seafarers - "Faru" is Corsican and means "lighthouse".


70% of your success depends on the right set-up.
25% of your success depends on sales channel specific knowledge.
5% of your success depends on your marketing strategy.

Our Service Overview:

AMAZON EXPERTISE: From the best sales strategy to the best content creation.

1) Analysis of your Amazon business model and your direct Amazon competition in Europe
2) Disclosure of your current optimization potential and clear definition of measures and next steps
3) Development of a business plan based on the proposed optimizations for the next 12-18 months

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: We take on core asks in your seller or vendor account

1) Regular exchange and proactive support in daily business
2) A contact person who will look after you

MARKET ANALYSIS: From the main category to the relevant leaf node across Europe

1) Potential analysis of products (a service that is also used by trading companies that are not active on Amazon) to expand the product range in a meaningful way based on customer search requests
2) Competitive analyses to understand the necessary measures required to better position the existing product range in relation to the competition
Category analyses to understand your positioning in the market environment and to have the right competition in view.

ANNUAL MEETING PREPARATION: From analysis to the final document for your Amazon annual meeting

• We analyze the relevant KPIs, compare your goals with possible Amazon goals and define the "ZOPA" (Zone of possible agreement)
• We develop a tailored negotiation strategy based on the facts
• We prepare your strategy in a document
• We "train" your negotiators
• We supervise up to 2 renegotiation rounds

BUSINESS REPORTING: We analyze your performance at item level across all Marketplaces. Our personalized solutions are based on:

1) the evaluation of your Amazon performance data,
2) an extensive market analysis and
3) the profound Amazon know-how of our consultants

Certifications & Awards


FARU's CEO Tobias Jaroschek successfully coached the winning entrepreneur within the program "Unternehmerinnen der Zukunft" ("Female entrepreneur of the future"). For more information please click here:


Kleen-Tex Industries GmbH:
“Together with FARU, we have built up a holistic strategy, the implementation is fun and brings the desired success. I was deeply impressed by the FARU Wiesn Event in 2019, where, in addition to exciting guest speakers from non-Amazon industries, there were also competitors on the Amazon channel with whom one could exchange ideas very openly. And the girls and boys of FARU have also proven that they can be party beasts.” Klaus Stöckl, Sales Director Europe GmbH:
“Through the cooperation with FARU, we are building up important knowledge in our company so that we can play the Amazon channel even more professionally. Especially the 360 degree know-how of the managing directors is very helpful here. In addition, here one speaks at eye level with entrepreneurs who also have comprehensive practical knowledge from their own retail business and therefore do not only have an eye on turnover.” Steven Hartmann, CEO

blomus GmbH:
“Through the cooperation with FARU we were able to establish clear structures and knowhow, so that the Amazon business can be expanded sustainably. The focus of our project was indeed on the input factors: 1) selection, 2) availability and 3) price/marketing. FARU's reports have given us a new transparency on these factors and the measures that were proposed were immediately comprehensible to us and in the end worked.” Benjamin Aufderbeck, Sales Director

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  • Max W
    July 31, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    We have been clients since early 2019. Tobias, Stefan and their colleagues have consistently met and overachieved our expectations. We also appreciate the level of support and commitment in unforeseen situation.

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  • J
    August 5, 2020 at 3:01 pm

    Very professional provider. Always advises us quickly and very satisfactorily. Knowledge of Amazon is excellent.

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