Service Description

Elemerce is a full-service Amazon Marketplace agency. We promote, market, monitor, and sell your products for you. By combining our online marketing expertise with our knowledge of the ever-evolving algorithms of the Amazon marketplace we are able to get your products in front of qualified shoppers and convert clicks to dollars.

By using formulas uniquely customized by the experts at Elemerce we take our clients to the next level of success. We adapt new strategies, refine every campaign to ensure its efficiency, and maximize sales by optimizing every click a potential customer makes.

We survey, regulate, and modify every particular aspect of each campaign we touch. We are fearless, fast, and fun. But most importantly, we believe in building relationships with our clients starting with trust, authenticity, and working towards a common goal: growing your brand equity. You sit back and relax while we strategize, write, generate, and promote strategic campaigns that generate tangible results. We are here to champion your brand and sell your products.

Company Introduction

Founded 2014

20-30 Employees

We have brought together a group of rock stars who specialize in marketing, SEO, consumer products, the latest e-commerce trends, and of course Amazon’s marketplace. Together, we help our clients hit their goals, increase brand equity, and elevate their Amazon sales.

However, more than that, we believe in living a life that is centered around positivity, building others up, and working hard to make the world a better place. We believe in growing our customer’s sales, building up our team of professionals, and helping those that can’t help themselves.

We believe that the pinnacle of our awesomeness is in how much we truly care. Not just about you and your business, but also about giving back, lifting others up, and helping others progress in both their professional and personal lives. We look forward to getting to know you and your business.

Custom Description & FAQ

We realize each business, brand, and product is unique. That’s why we won’t rest until we have a personal understanding of your brand. This enables us to fine-tune our strategy to meet any unique challenge or initiative you may have. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to help you grow your Amazon business and maintain a steady sales pipeline. It’s our job to make that happen and it’s your job to relax knowing your product is in the hands of professionals.

We start by figuring out your brand’s ecosystem and combine that with our proven knowledge of the Amazon Marketplace. We’ll get to know your value proposition and get it into the mind of the customer by tailor-making a content and advertising strategy that will leverage your products, get you ahead of the competition, and put you in front of qualified buyers.

Our large network of Amazon experts, influencers, and industry leaders become your network when you join Elemerce. Your dedicated team will manage your account, send you comprehensive reporting, and provide you with unmatched customer service.

At Elemerce you’re not just another client, you’re a VIP.

Pricing & Budget

We work on a base fee pricing model and depending on which services you choose, we have a built in commission structure.

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