Service Description

e-Comas offers a full suite of eCommerce services, from consulting to full account management.
We base everything we do for our customers on our “four pillars of eCommerce”: Strategy, operations, traffic, and conversion.

First, we define your strategy, including auditing your business's current success on Amazon; researching your market and competitors; and setting goals for what you want to achieve.

Then we manage your operations, from checking you have the right logistics in place to grow, to providing full training for your teams.

Next, we take care of your advertising, helping you grow your traffic as cost-effectively as possible.

Finally, we concentrate on your content, helping you drive conversion with outstanding, globalised product information.

About This Company

e-Comas works with all kinds of brands, from household names to family-run startups, to sustainably grow their business and improve their agility in tackling everyday challenges with online retail. We use a four-pillar approach to grow our clients' business: strategy, operations, traffic, and conversion. Working through these, we can multiply a brand's sales on Amazon by 2, 5 or 10 in just months.