Service Description

Fulfill your obligations in accordance with the Packaging Act (Extended Producer Responsibility - EPR) so you can pack and ship your goods without worry. Rely on the legally compliant system participation of your packaging in our dual system and trust in the experience and competence of the trademark "Der Grüne Punkt".

Let's make a difference together - recycling works and saves resources!

About This Company

Visit us on, choose your country flag at the top and license your packaging materials according to the German Packaging Act. Fulfill your Extended Producer Responsibility obligations and let us help to prevent your product listings being suspended by electronic marketplaces like e.g. Amazon, ebay, AliExpress, Etsy just to name a few. Those marketplaces have to validate your EPR compliance and are obliged to suspend non-compliant listings soon. Any Seller worldwide shipping products to Germany has to ensure EPR compliance and we are here to help!

You can reach us by chat on or e-mail at: