5 Tips for Hiring an Amazon Listing Translation Expert

Amazon is a marketplace for online sellers throughout the world.

They don’t just depend on marketing their products in their own countries but rely on sales to anyone around the world.

The dominant sellers on Amazon are businesses from the United States, followed by Britain and Germany.

If you really want to expose your product to buyers overseas after finding it is popular among buyers in your own country, you can’t depend just on your native language but you have to get all your product information translated into your targeted language(s).

Translating accurately is not just simply relying on a bilingual friend, or even using an online translation tool like Google Translate.

You have to go one step further if you want your product to be successfully marketed in an overseas country.

That vital step means hiring a professional Amazon listing translator who will know the right terms to use in your targeted language.

We’ll give you 5 tips on how to find the right one:

Don’t choose the cheapest translator

If you go to an online job marketplace to find a translator and you decide on the cheapest because it seems cost-effective and well within your budget, it’s time to think again.

It is really important that your chosen translator has Amazon marketing and sales experience.

Choosing any online translator means you may end up with a translator who just does a word to word translation which is neither accurate nor effective, let alone know what effective marketing is all about.

Amazon does have an auto-translate facility which costs either little or nothing at all, but this translation tool often comes up with a translation that sounds like it has been undertaken by someone with very poor vocabulary skills.

Basically, you have to point yourself in the right direction in the first place and choose an experienced Amazon listing translator expert who can translate in clear, effective language that can be understood quickly and easily.

After all, the message about your product is what it makes irresistible to a potential buyer.

Consider the culture of your potential buyer

Every culture and its prospective buyers have different desires and needs and they have to be approached in different ways so that they get tempted to buy your product.

For example, one country could bring more lucrative sales when the content in the Amazon listing is highly emotional, while potential purchasers from other countries may just want to read all the hard facts about the product.

Do some keyword research

Don’t solely depend on translating the keywords you have used in your own language as these may come out with different meanings in a different culture with a different language.

An experienced Amazon translator will know what keywords will work best in your new target market.

Measurements must be converted

Your idea of the right measurement will depend on what measurements are in use in your own country.

But you must not forget to convert them into your targeted country’s units.

For example, if you’re European and you plan on tapping into the North American market, make sure you convert all size info in centimeters to inches.

A professional Amazon translator should know what units of measurements are used in your targeted countries, but it is always worth reminding her/him before the translation begins.

This particularly applies to units used for clothing and shoes.

Consumers get confused with these measurements as there is no global standardization policy yet.

Hire a translator with Amazon experience

All Amazon listings have a unique way of translating words, so to stay consistent you need to hire a translator with this unique set of skills and who has experienced translating successfully for the Amazon marketplace.

If you choose the right translator you will find your product information is correctly translated and contains the right keywords distributed with the right density throughout your Amazon listing.

This is the best way to capitalize on the benefits of translating your Amazon listing into other important languages.


If you are eager to get your Amazon listed product to sell in European countries like Germany, France, Spain or Italy, you won’t be able to use the same method of translation.

Most countries use their own unique language when it comes to purchasing products outside of their home range.

You will need several translators who are experienced with translating Amazon marketplace products so that the marketing terminology is consistent throughout all Amazon sellers.

As long as you get your Amazon marketplace translation right in the first place, you should immediately get interest in your product listings in any of the European marketplaces you have targeted.

Don’t forget that an experienced Amazon listing translation expert is the best option for creating the right content for your listings.

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